BTS Installation & Solutions

VITAL delivers partial or complete turnkey telecom projects or services to major telecom operators to establish or enhance their network infrastructure.

We are providing a full range of engineering, project management / roll-out, operation and maintenance services.

We can provide complete solution according to our customers’ needs and preferences.Our services include:

• BTS installation, commissioning and integration of all network elements
• Microwave link installation

BTS Installation (includes the following activities)

• BTS Installation As Per Layout Plan
• Battery Bank Installation, Interconnection & Cabling Of BTS
• Rectifier Rack/ SMPS Installation
• RRU Commissioning
• Cable Tray/Duct Installation
• Power Calibration & Power measurement through Digital Power Meter
• Frequency calibrations through frequency counter equipment
• Termination & Testing of all external alarms on the DDF
• Labeling of All The Cables And Jumpers As Per Customer Standard
• All Work Is To Be Carried Out As Per Layout plan
• Security of site arrangements
• BTS inventory list with product serial numbers
• Site Acceptance & On-Air Call Testing
• SWAP Solution
• Call & Sector swapping testing

MICROWAVE LINK installation

The following activities has to be carried out for one Hop i.e. at two different sites to make one link

• Mini Link Installation & Commissioning(PDH, SDH, STM I & II, DWDM)
• Microwave link upgrading
• Microwave dismantling
• Microwave Rack Installation
• MW configuration & IF Cable Routine
• All type of connectivity solutions
• DC Connection To Mini Link Through DCDB / MCB
• Earthing Of Rack, As Per Site Engineer Instruction
• Alignment Of Microwave To Achieve Required Level
• LOS test with mirror, flash or balloon Test