Technical Training

We provide technical training courses for fresh/experienced persons or anyone who would like to gain experience in the electrical/mechanical industry.

Our Courses include installation, verification, testing and certification of electrical installation systems and electric central heating systems.

We also offer a range of renewable energy training courses covering solar thermal (hot water), solar photovoltaic, ground source heat pump, air source heat pump, micro-wind, biomass, micro-hydro, micro-combined heat and power (heat-led).

Whether you are experienced in renewable energy or new to the industry, we have training courses and qualifications to suit you as

• Electrical Protection - Industrial, Generation Plant, Transmission, or Distribution System and Generator Operations Training

• Engineering -- System Design, Protective Systems, Power System Analysis, etc

• Electrical Safety

• Motor Controls

• PLC/SCADA system

• Renewable Energy Systems Design

• Flash Hazard Analysis

• Short Circuit Analysis and Time-Current Coordination

• Maintenance and Testing of Protective Devices and Other Electrical Apparatus

• Power Quality Diagnosis and Mitigation

• Grounding Systems