Renewable Energy Services

Pakistan has a huge potential for generating renewable energy so we provides services in the fields of solar energy, wind power and tidal powergeneration.

Green energy services makes every effort to contribute to the sustainable prosperity of mankind by providing solutionsto global environmental issues, specifically through research and development into improving thecommercial benefits of green energy.

Solar Systems

Vital Tech Vision is providing tailored solutions of renewable energy to Residential, industrial and commercial concerns up to 1000 MW in Pakistan. These solutions offer significant reduction in energy costs and at the same time are sustainable and environmental friendly.We can design, engineer, and integrate a telecommunication solution sized for your needs also.

We are offering complete solutions and services in the field of solar.

Solar energy solution:

• Solar Submersible Pump
• Solar for BTS Sites/Telecom Operators
• On Grid System/Off grid systems
• Hybrid Solar Turn Key Solution
• Water Pump Compel DC Solar System (2” Water Pump, 3” Water Pump, 4” Water Pump)
• Solar Invertors
• Charge Controller
• Dry Batteries
• DC Home System
• Solar Street Lights
• CCTV DC Solar Stand alone
• Manual Operated/Automatic Hybrid Solution Grid Operated
• Solar Geysers (200 liter, 150 liter, 100 Liter) Capacity
• Small DC Solar solutions
• Industrial solar fans
• Fabrication solutions

Non-Government / NGO

VTV has front line expertise in rural electrification and it can be a resource to your team as you work towards building a brighter future in communities in your country or around the world.

VTV in conjunction with international agencies, NGOs, USAID and government institutions to provide renewable energy solutions for rural electrification.

We provide the following services:

• Off-grid and Grid-tied renewable energy (RE) solutions
• Solar photovoltaic (PV) for water pumps, sanitation, irrigation, tunnel dryers, and seed cleaners/grades.
• Solar/wind hybrid solution
• Supply of RE products & systems
• Installation of RE products & systems
• Consultancy services

We understand the challenges that our partners face on the ground both at domestic and international level. We focus on providing the NGOs and donor agencies are to:

• Provide the desired level of project control to the funding organization
• Provide transparent and traceable costs and expenditure accountability to the relevant departments.
• Establish and communicate clear and pre-determined process and procedures for better knowledge transfer
• Enable the funding agency to work directly with the team on the ground
• Train local workers to install and maintain systems for long-term sustainability

Wind Power Services

VTV is a reliable partner for all services throughout your wind turbines’ entire lifetime. Having put our passion for wind energy into practice, we are able to revolutionize expectations. With technological innovations, through our industry-leading responsiveness and turnaround times, we bring improved reliability and safety to our clients, with reduced failure-related downtimes.