Optical Fiber

Fiber Optic Services

Vital Tech Vision has a broad range of solutions of Fiber optic deployment from digging to testing, we have deployed, maintained Fiber optic Cable in Pakistan at different segments. The company’s medium form plan is to provide quality services to telecommunication operators at all levels.

• Place inner duct
• Place manholes
• Place fiber cable — all sizes
• Metro installs
• Long-haul installs
• Micro Fiber & Micro Duct placement

Our Professionals Install Fiber Optic Services for the communication networks that you needs.

Deployment services

• System integration
• Inside wiring installations (for SFU, MDU, MTU & SMB)
• Complete fiber optic splicing (fusion and/or mechanical)
• Complete testing services, such as end to end, reel testing, and splice loss testing, ORL, power meter/laser source testing and WDM testing
• Connectorization and polishing
• Premise wiring & cutover for FTTH, FTTP & FTTx construction
• Premise wiring using fiber optic cable
• Custom cable assemblies
• ROW management

Maintenance Services (Corrective and Preventive Maintenance)

• Maintenance agreements
• Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts” Splicing

In the present era of competition and continuing technological advancement in the field of telecommunication and Fiber Optic.

VTV has hired highly qualified professionals to provide better and modern engineering services to its valuable clients. In addition to this we are actively involved in installation of Fiber Optic products. In most cases we works on client specifications, but also can develop our own design /route for the laying of optical fiber cable.

We have team of professional to manage ROW from all departments like; civil agencies, CDA, Local Bodies, TMA, Societies, Cantonment boards, Irrigation, NHA, PHA,EPA and Pakistan Railway.