Group Profile

Vital Group was established in 2000 and has since grown progressively into one of the nation’s leading Telecom, Energy and infrastructure development businesses, sourcing the right tech to be your partner for success.

A company with a far-reaching vision, we offer up-to-date technology, years of expertise, outstanding performance, and most of all a desire to help our clients succeed.

It means we can assist our customers to locate solutions-specially engineered to meet their rapidly changing technical needs. Our management team is equipped to handle solutions for a dynamically evolving industry.

We offers technically accredited, professional design services for all industrial estates, including Installations of Electrical distribution and Sub Transmission Networks and also Commercial and industrial infrastructure development such as skyscrapers and industrial precincts.

The aim of the company is to provide quality services and consultancy to clients to deliver efficient, safe and purpose specific technical designs.

Throughout our history, the key to our success has been a constant commitment to exceeding customer expectations while our unique business model puts our customers’ needs at the center.