VITAL Network operation center

VITAL Network Operations Center (NOC)

The VITAL Network Operations Center (NOC) takes a proactive and technical approach to client support to provide the highest level of client service and technical support. We view robust service just like we view technology: not as an add-on, but as a fundamental part of our network operations solution. Our NOC stands on three pillars:

Proactive notification:Our certified engineers monitor our clients’ services and the status of real time client network. When an engineer observes an issue, concerned persons are notified to explain the issue and how it’s being addressed.

Direct access to engineers:In our NOC, we route issues to our teams who assume immediate responsibility for all tasks – not just the most critical ones. The result is that 95% of all issues are resolved by the specialized team who receives the client’s request and initiates the trouble call.

Technical expertise:Our highly trained NOC team members carry key certifications, to resolve particular issue ensuring their superior technical expertise in network operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Real Speed

If our client encounter a problem, there’s no time to waste. We make quick response time a fundamental part of our service by focusing on key performance metrics;

Centralized system of all regions
Fastest issue resolution system
Performance monitoring

Proactive crediting

Not only does our Network Operations Center proactively notify and resolve issues in the event of a network issue, but we also back up our SLA with specified because downtime is money, our event clock starts ticking when the event begins.