Commercial Power

We have energized more than 3000+ sites of different cellular operators directly.We have provided them with complete power package as a subcontractor which included transformers ranging from 10 KVA,15 KVA,25 KVA,50 KVA,100 KVA,200 KVA,400 KVA,500 KVA,630 KVA,1000 KVA,1200 KVA,1500 KVA, 2500 KVA,5000 KVA with all the allied material.We have vast experience in installation of distribution transformers, Pad-mounted transformer and power transformers.

The key factor for successful execution and completion of these projects was our presence in this sector for 15 years, strong ties with concerned WAPDA officials and geographical presence of our skilled staff in areas of operation. We are still working with PMCL as approved contractor for these services.

We have given new dimensions to power related services. We provide commercial power services to our customers ranges to complete Power Package solution containing all the documents required by WAPDA. We file complete application for Permanent Power Connection to WAPDA office through our team to facilitate our customers and throughout the process Issuance of Demand Note from WAPDA office for further process.

We have proper setup in place with all logistical support & technical equipment to come over with the help of WAPDA authorities. We collect Power Equipment/materials from WAPDA Warehouses.Our team with WAPDA authorities arrange installation of Power Equipment & Commercial Power Supply after release of Power Equipment from WAPDA.