Generator Corrective & Preventative Maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance of all generators on telecom sites under this contract is done on call basis maintenance by VITAL team.

• Check remote start and stop cable module
• GENSET battery charger testing
• AVR panel check
• All Sensors check
• AMF and ATS auto mode / Panel connections checking
• All breakers connections checking
• Generator connections with ATS Panel checking
• Alarm Generate test
• Earthing
• Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is conducted according to GENSET hours of operation.Preventive maintenance is carried out as per specified by manufacturer of the generator.It is responsibility of the VITAL team to keep the generator in optimal running condition to make sure the maximum performance of generator.

During each preventive maintenance

• Checking DG Battery charger output voltage
• Level of distilled water in the secondary cells check
• Battery terminals grease lubrication coating or petroleum jelly coating
• Running hours reading meter testing
• Oil filter, fuel filter, Air filter
• DG inside wiring testing
• Cooling fan checking and DG fan belt tension status
• Radiator leakage checking
• Radiator coolant level checking
• All locks in GENSET like Door locks, Fuel tank lock
• Emergency stop switch
• Fuel solenoid checked
• Fuel pump and nozzles check
• Frequency and speed adjust system check