BTS Corrective & Preventive Maintenance

We perform following checks in corrective maintenance (CM) of BTS.

AMF & ATS Panel

Fuses before Power meter
SPD(Surge protective device) check
Main power wire connection of ATS
Grounding & earth level ,connection for PMT ,Power meter box, ATS, ACDB
All wire connections for input/output terminal blocks
Cutting, Finishing, Sealing, Jumper Routine, Connector plan
Input/output breakers, MCCB, GENSET MCB ,Main MCB
All Timers and relays, Manual bypass switches and AMF check
Proper settings on AMF panel
Genset frequency, L-N voltages, Remote stop and start and automatic load shifting test
Manual bypass switches check
All main on/off ,phase fail ,under voltage and over voltage test
Tower Light controller and tower lights
Tight all screws and every wire check on every visit
Complete Battery Bank testing
Rectifier and BBU
No joint in AC power cable for rectifier
No lose connection on three phase power, neutral and ground terminal block in rectifier cabinet
Clear all alarms on rectifier module and MCU
Check DC grounding
Check discharging current /almost 52V (±2)
Check that the Battery voltages in every cell are equal during discharging.
BBU module(CC,CH,FS,CVI,SA,SE,FA,PM) Modules LED normal status check
RRU and FS card connected properly
CPRI optical interface self-test check

BTS Alarm System

Low fuel check
DG fail check
DG on load check
DG high temp check
Mains fail alarm check
Line fail alarm check
Fire alarms check
Door open alarm check
Humidity and flood check
Smoke alarm check

Preventive maintenance of BTS

We perform following checks in preventive maintenance (PM) of BTS.


Call quality testing
All BTS parts should be clean
VSWR measurement
Joint grounding resistance ≤1 check
BTS grounding resistance ≤5 check
Check the feeder cable for water proofing and antenna, end jumper and grounding points

Microwave PM

To check and verify TX power, RX power, TX frequency, RX frequency, IDU capacity, RSL local, RSL Remote
Note RSL value (of all MW) and Transmit Power value
Check the IF cable for weather proofing at antenna end and grounding points
Check if the grounding Cable of IDU/ODU is Present and tight and Value is <=3 Ohms
MW antenna mount, sway arm and bracing are tight
MW fixation, MW IDU labeling, MW Internal alarms, and RSL level for MW.


Tighten the power terminations at WAPDA Meter, and AC DB
Measure the Phase to Phase voltage of RYG
Measure the Phase to Neutral voltage of RYG
Note input and output voltage of line conductor


Tighten the power terminations
Check water protection(Broken/rubber seal damaged)
Clean the AC power distribution box using blower

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Tighten the power termination and rectifier
Check the alarm indication and display functions
Check the grounding protection cable
Check the surge arrestor
Rectifier test the neutral line current
Measure float volts(52-54V)
Switch over test(Load to be transferred to batteries)
Rectifier modules alarm check


Complete battery test
Check all connectors

External alarm

Main’s failure
AC Phase Lost
DG in Operation
SMR Failure
DC Low Voltage
Tower Light
Smoke/ Fire
If AC Failure


Water proofing for all connected jumpers & feeders, power cable
Sealing the disconnected feeder, jumper connectors and proper fixes
Proper routing of Fiber jumper’s power cable
Cleaning the site and check the complete labeling before leaving
Wait for cross feeder, Sector / Partial Swapping and VSWR confirmation from OEM’s team room and confirmation from DT team.
If the site has issues, swap team do rectification immediately until all issues solved.
After the completion of the above work and received the leave approval from war room can leave site.
Send message in Line to inform leaving site
ATP preparation